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Get More Clients by Shaun Moseley

The full title of the book by Shaun Moseley is

Get More Clients: The Guide To Marketing For Personal Trainers And Other Fitness Professionals

In my review posted at Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars.

Here is my review.

Good introduction to marketing

This is quite a good short, concise guide to marketing and there’s little in here that I don’t agree with.

So why haven’t I given it a higher star rating?

1) There are plenty of competing books to teach fitness professionals who to market and sell their services and I want my reviews to guide readers to what I believe are the best.

2) I don’t think personal trainers want to read many marketing books. One or two, yes but not five or six so, if my reviews are to be useful, I need to rate them quite harshly.

3) The information in this book is wide and shallow rather than narrow and deep. What I mean by that is there is a lot of marketing issues and techniques covered in the book but it doesn’t give detailed guidance on anything.

4) Much of the contents is standard marketing theory and I didn’t feel as if there was much insight into the fitness profession. It talks more about communication methods than the difficult issue of how you tempt and persuade a few of the vast majority of people who need to exercise for long term health reasons to take the first tentative steps to a regular fitness programme.

As a read on its own, I’d rate the book at the 4 star level for fitness professionals who want a general guide to marketing and 2 stars for any marketing experts who are interested in helping personal trainers get more clients. As I fall into the second category, I didn’t feel as if I got much out of it.


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