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Selling the Pain vs Selling the Gain by Richie Montes

The full title of the book by Richie Montes is

Selling the Pain vs Selling the Gain: how to choose a good advert appeal & create an advert copy that SELLS

In my review posted at Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 1 Star.

Here is my review.

A dreadful book about advertising

This could be the worst book I’ve ever read/scanned. I couldn’t bear to read it word for word after a short while but I kept dipping in, hoping I may get something out of it.

The first clue was in the author’s note which starts…
“This is a short book. It’s more like a guide with extremely rich content, more than what you will get from other books whose authors just fill with a bunch of useless and unnecessary stuff just to fill space and make it look longer…”

The fact that it is short is merciful.

The writing style is awful. Sentences and paragraphs are too long. The grammar is shocking. The contents is bland and the title only refers to one chapter.

I think there is a need for a book to explore the different ways pain and gain or pleasure are used in sales and marketing. Most of us are more motivated to get rid of a pain than to seek a gain. Sales training often emphasises the need to find the pain but advertising usually emphasises the pleasure of the solution.

If you really want to try this book, I urge you to read the kindle sample first.


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