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The 5-Minute Communicator by Clarence Oliver

The full title of this book by Clarence Oliver is

The 5-Minute Communicator: Convince Anyone Of Anything in 5 Minutes Or Less“.

In my review at Amazon.co.uk, I have given it a four star rating meaning that I rate it as good to very good.

Here is what I posted.

A fine introduction and overview to communication skills

The book makes the vital point that persuasive communication starts with effective listening. I suspect we all know people who are over eager to jump in and start talking and you’ll know how frustrating the experience can become.

After that, the book goes into how you can be a more effective communicator. It’s easy to read and powerful.

It’s been some time since I looked at communication as a broad subject and I’d forgotten how important pre-framing, framing and reframing concepts are for persuasion. The book also introduced me to conversational hypnosis.

I like this book and enjoyed reading it. The fact that it’s short makes it easy to tackle but it’s also the biggest weakness. I’m left wanting to know more and I’ve ordered a few extra books because this doesn’t have the details, the examples and the how to guides.

As an introduction and overview, it’s fine but you might be left want more, like I have been. The five minutes in the title refers to the idea that you can use any of these strategies in five minutes to persuade someone to do something and is not intended to imply that you can read the book in five minutes.

You can buy the book at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com

It is also available through the Kindle Unlimited Subscription at Amazon.co.uk


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