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The New Rules of Fitness Marketing by Lisa Shaughnessy

The full title of this book by Lisa Shaughnessy is

The New Rules of Fitness Marketing: How to Attract Clients and Build a Successful Business Even if You Hate Selling

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave it 3 Stars and means it is Worthwhile

Here is my review.

Shares the experience of people who have been there

Personally I found the style of the book irritating. It builds up the contents from quotes of people who have been successful in building up fitness businesses themselves.

It’s an interesting idea and I can imagine that some owners with a fitness business will like it a lot but I prefer books that are easier to read.

I read the Kindle version and part of my problem is that i struggled to see where the examples of those owners finished and where the author’s ideas started again. If the examples were in italics, I could have read the theory first and then read the applied examples which I’d have found easier. The physical book may not have this problem.

I haven’t asked for my money back (yet) because I want to come back to it when I’m feeling more tolerant and less grumpy. Then I may be prepared to put in the effort to get out the nuggets of insight but at the moment, I feel like it’s going to be hard work.


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