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The Orgasm Effect by Charlie Hutton and Emma Hutchinson

The full title of this book by Charlie Hutton and Emma Hutchinson is

The Orgasm Effect: The Business Owners Guide to Get Customers Screaming…Yes, Yes, YES!“.

In my review posted on Amazon.co.uk, I gave the book a rating of Four Stars. This means I think it is good.

Here is my book review.

A good book with Dan Kennedy / Frank Kern style ideas of direct response marketing

This is a risky title so it may be better on Kindle. I’ve had to hide another marketing book I bought a couple of weeks ago called “Getting Naked” for fear of giving people the wrong impression.

In my coaching I often talk about the 5 Ms of Marketing – market, message, media, measurement and mindset. This is one of the few marketing books that tackles mindset issues and as a book about direct response, measurement is heavily featured too. So many books focus almost entirely on the media, the way the message reaches the potential customers.

The authors emphasise the importance of modelling what works well for others since it’s much easier and quicker than starting from scratch. Ideas from Dan Kennedy and his followers like Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss ripple through the book.

These ideas tilt the balance from buyer to seller. There’s no doubt that when implemented well, they will work. The issue is whether that suits your values and the values of the customers you want to attract.

I’ve heard Dan Kennedy talk about the 5/15/80 rule. He sells business advice from low cost books through to expensive consulting days and pretty much at every price point in between. 5% of customers will do very well and get great value for money, 15% will do enough to get their money back but the vast majority will lose out. They won’t study or they won’t implement or if they try, it’s in a half-hearted way. Kennedy doesn’t like the ratio and over the years he’s tried everything he can think about to change it but nothing shifts the numbers.

You may feel it’s OK to get money through strong, determined (manipulative?) marketing when the client doesn’t get value for money. No one forced them to buy. In which case this book is for you.

On the other hand, it may make you feel uncomfortable. It’s one thing to buy a book you don’t read and we’ve probably all done that. But what about the more expensive purchases? The gym membership you paid for month after month with good intentions but you never went? Or what about that very expensive Internet marketing course that you bought with great excitement but it makes you feel sleazy? Turn around those feelings you have to those suppliers who gained whilst you lost and ask yourself whether that’s how you want your customers to feel about you, especially given the power of social media?

One of the reasons some people get very rich is because they will do things that the majority won’t. This book will encourage you to decide which side you’re on. Going back to the title of the book, who do you want to have that orgasm?

You can probably tell that I’m conflicted. It’s useful to know about the ideas but they don’t sit comfortably with how I want my clients to feel.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

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