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What Happened To Seth Czerepak?

Back in 2016, I read two copywriting books by Seth Czerepak. The first in particular, The 24 Hour Marketing Miracle is excellent and was given 5 stars in my review. The second The Sexy Sales Letter Formula isn’t quite so good and is rated at 4 stars.

At this stage, I thought he was a rising star of the copywriting and direct marketing world. He was even given an excellent endorsement by Dan Kennedy. However, when I clicked over to his website to find out more, I found missing pages. In fact, everything on his website, except the home page had disappeared or become disconnected from what I could see.

I’d check every few months but found nothing new. I increased the time gaps, because, every time, I had to look up his name.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I did another check and found a series of videos on YouTube. Here is the first, called Seth Czerepak On Restating From Nothing. It’s too long at 53 minutes but give it a try anyway.

It’s a strange situation.

From being very successful some years ago, he says he’s rock bottom in this video published on July 11, 2018. His money is gone, much of it wasted in a failed venture, his reputation not so much in tatters but disappeared because he’s lost contact with so many people. His website was hacked, so too his PC.

This is the first video on his story back. He’s tried to be an employee but that didn’t work out past his three month trial period although he’s still applying for jobs. In the meantime, he’s left scrabbling around on freelancing sites doing little copywriting jobs for a few dollars.

The point of the video series is not to moan and whinge about people who stabbed him in the back or to shift the blame elsewhere. He accepts his fall is his own fault. This is his story of his way back to big success.

It’s very honest, very open. He’s standing naked (not literally thankfully), exposing his thoughts and feelings. I think it’s very brave and it’s certainly something I couldn’t do. I’m much too private and reserved. One of my weaknesses is that I’m not good at exposing my weaknesses. (Just writing that sentence made me feel very uncomfortable.)

There are already 45 videos in this series – now called The Story Of My Experiments With Hope. It captures his ongoing story along with success tips and lessons from his past, in the ups and downs of his working life.

Why should you watch it?

  • If your business has recently failed, like Seth, you need to get up and get on with your life. Find your positive force, your purpose and start moving. I think you’ll find it helpful to know you’re not alone in your struggles and regrets.
  • If you’re a new freelance copywriter in particular or just starting in a business where you freelance your services, I think you’ll find it encouraging. It’s a journey jhe’s done before and he’s determined to do it again.
  • Other business owners will benefit from some of the videos focused on individual topics. I’ll post those I particularly like.

I’m finding empathy because ill health in 2009/2010 saw my business collapse and I face a continuing struggle. The side effects of too many of my health issues, all create fatigue. I’ve got fatigue stacked on top of fatigue on top of fatigue.

My day is limited to a few active hours where I try to work on my physical fitness and some work with clients or potential clients.

I’m going to try to watch the series in order so I can follow his journey. I haven’t cheated to see how he’s getting on or whether he’s had any big breakthroughs. I’m hopeful for him.

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