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The Persuasion Slide by Roger Dooley

The full title of this book by Roger Dooley is

“The Persuasion Slide – A New Way to Market to Your Customer’s Conscious Needs and Unconscious Mind: Use Psychology and Behavior Research to Influence and Persuade“.

In my review of the book posted on Amazon.co.uk, I rated it at the Four Stars level. This means I consider the book to be good to very good.

Here is my book review.

A nice mental model of the buying process

Copywriters have talked about the slippery slope or greasy slide for many years. It’s a metaphor for building up momentum as the copy is read, as the person moves from “this looks interesting ” to “I must have this in my life, right now”.

The author has taken this idea and thought about the different steps involved with getting from top to bottom. There are four:

  • Gravity – the desire to solve , the motivation of the buyer
  • The Angle of the slide – the motivating factors provided by the marketer
  • The Nudge – this is what starts the process, it may be an marketing message but it could come from elsewhere
  • Friction – anything that makes the slide difficult.

This is neat and supports the two types of mental processing in the conscious and unconscious mind.

The author seemed to spend a long time talking about getting email sign-ups but this seems to trivialise the idea which is a shame. Indeed much of the discussion was focused on Internet marketing but the principles will apply in the offline world as well.

It is available to buy from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.


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