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Find Out If I Am The Right Business Coach & Advisor For You (UK Businesses Only)

About MeOne-to-One Business Coaching –  30 Days Boot CampFees & Guarantee

If you are a business owner who is frustrated because your small business is stuck or struggling and you’re unsure how to change, I could be the coach you need so please read on.

My aim is to help you to attract, convert and keep more customers so that your sales, profit and cash flow increase. We may need to talk about costs but most profit improvement for small businesses needs to come from more sales revenue.

Why I’m Different From Other Business Coaches

  1. I’m obsessed with helping stuck and struggling small businesses improve their performance. Not just interested but obsessed (please see About Me).
  2. I reduce the “I can’t afford it” problem by getting paid the majority of my fee after the business has been improved (please see Fees and Guarantee).
  3. I am very knowledgeable about business issues and I can prove that through my qualifications and experience.
  4. I make it very easy for you to get quick and effective help through my Business SOS process. This call is focused on giving you genuine advice and support. The best proof that I can genuinely help you is by demonstrating it to you.
  5. Because I’m semi-retired, I will only have one main client per day. If you become a client, you are special to me and not just one of many. I don’t work to the clock and stop the call at the 50 minute mark because my next client is scheduled in 10 minutes.

In-Depth Knowledge And Serious Business Qualifications

I want to pick up on that third point because I know that it is something that business owners have often mentioned to me. They are concerned that they may know more than the business coach/advisor.

I admit it is easy to become a business coach. There is no compulsory qualification and no legal protection of the title unlike medical doctors and solicitors. People come to coaching from many different routes and what people mean by coaching can vary considerably.

Let me reassure you of my own expertise:

  • More than 35 years of business experience including being a self employed consultant, coach and advisor since 1995.
  • I am a chartered accountant.
  • I have an MBA with distinction from the Manchester Business School, one of the best business schools in the UK.
  • I have read 490 business books to keep my skills up-to-date. One of the ways I live my purpose of helping business owners is by writing detailed book reviews to help them find the most appropriate advice.
  • I’ve blogged about business for more than ten years and written several free reports. There’s plenty of chance to read about my ideas for a better business.

Your Entry Point To My Services

It all starts with the Business SOS call to see how well we connect while talking through an important part of your business. To start to get unstuck, email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com, put Business SOS in the subject line and explain why you would like some help.

The purpose of the service is two fold. The first to help you and the second to find out if we fit. If we don’t fit or I can’t help you, we need to find that out quickly.

If you’re interested in an ongoing relationship rather than the one off call and you’d like a preliminary chat, that’s fine too. Email me and say you’d like to chat before the Business SOS.

My Business Coaching Options

What I do is tailored to the needs of the individual client. I have alternative approaches of different lengths and intensity depending on how much help you want.

If you decide to work with me, the first things we will do is look in depth at where you are, where you want to be and how we can close the gaps.

My definition of coaching is “helping you to get from where you are to where you want to be”. Depending on your situation you’ll receive a mixture of business coaching, mentoring and advice.

I have designed my services to give you different options, depending on the type of help you want, need and can afford.

  1. A Business Troubleshooting Session.
  2. One-to-One Business Coaching with weekly sessions.
  3. 30 Days Business Coaching Boot Camp.
  4. Business Coaching by Email.
  5. Business Coaching for owners with chronic health problems
  6. Business Coaching for Women

A Business Troubleshooting Session

This Business Troubleshooting Session is a one morning coaching session. It is longer and more intensive than my Business SOS but without the commitment to ongoing coaching.

At the moment there are two options we can look at, although they are related:

  • Why isn’t my marketing working and what can I do to improve it?
  • How can I become more profitable?

One-To-One Business Coaching With Weekly Sessions

This is what I feel is my normal coaching offer and the one that is most appropriate to most business owners.

Click to learn more about my One To One Business Coaching.

30 Days Business Coaching Boot Camp

The intensive Boot Camp is for business owners who need ongoing daily help to solve a business problem urgently.

It’s spread over thirty working days i.e. six weeks but can extend to eight weeks if we have holidays planned.

You still have a coaching session every week that would last between one to two hours but you’d also have a short reporting in session each day of 20 to 30 minutes, in the late afternoon to:

  • Hold you accountable for taking actions that will improve your business each day.
  • Give you more advice on the problems you experience.
  • When it’s not convenient to call, we’ll provide updates and feedback through email.

This is as close to business turnaround coaching as I will come.

See the 30 Days Business Coaching Boot Camp

Business Coaching By Email

This is ideal for business owners who need to improve their businesses but can’t commit to regular Skype or telephone coaching sessions, perhaps because they are on-call for their customers.

As it is cheaper than my standard coaching, it also may be of interest to business owners who want to keep their costs down.

You will need to buy and read recommended business books as coaching implies:

  1. Learning new skills
  2. Applying them to your business.

Click over to read more about how my coaching by email works.

Business Coaching For Owners With Chronic Health Problems

Heath issues create an extra burden to building a business and often the owners have less energy so the need to have clear priorities is increased.

I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. I’m still there which is why I’ll only have one main coaching session a day.

Click over to read about my Business Coaching For Business Owners With Chronic Health Problems.

Business Coaching For Female Business Owners

Some female business owners want to be coached by a female business coach who is doing it all – successful business, strong marriage and happy, successful children.

Others can be intimated by these “super-women” yet need to work with a supportive coach (even a man) who understands that you are juggling different priorities and when the crunch comes, your business has to come second. That said, you need your business to be successful.

Click over to see my Business Coaching For Women.

How To Get Started

The first thing to do is to find out if we are right for each other.

Even if your problems match my skills like a hand in a glove, the issue of personal chemistry between us is essential. It can make the difference between a successful project and one that doesn’t produce the results needed.

You need to experience my advice and I need to see how you respond to my comments and decide whether you are motivated to do whatever it takes to succeed.

We do this with my Business SOS call to see how well we connect while talking about an important part of your business.

If you’re interested,we can then talk through the different coaching solutions.

Email me at Paul@BusinessDevelopmentAdvice.com and put Business SOS in the subject line and tell me why you’d like some help.