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Other Business Books

I have two categories for books on my blogs, the best books with 5 star and 4 star ratings and other books with the rest.

This is the page with “the rest”.

The truth is that I had originally only planned to bring the reviews of the best business books from Amazon to my blog but then I found myself wanting to refer to these other books I’d reviewed.

With the best business books, I have created separated categories to help you to find the best books by subject, for example the best business strategy books, the best marketing books etc.

With these other books, which I’m not recommending, I haven’t done that although they do feature within the subject categories. For example, books about business turnaround appear with all my other articles about business turnaround.

Here are links to the individual pages after this first one – page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Why Strategic Plans Fail by Can Akdeniz

The Marketing Audit Handbook by Dawid J Malherbe

180+ Marketing Tips by Fraser Hay

The 3 Minute Marketing Audit by Fraser Hay

How Small Companies Get Big by Bob Oros

Give Me One Good Reason to Buy by Bob Oros

A Guide to Business Failure by The Failed Entrepreneur

3 Huge Obstacles by Lynne Jacob